The Mercury Thermastone is a heat store range cooker in an inspired world of its own and for a limited time it will be available at Country Warmth in Malton for just £3995.

With a retail price of £7800, the cooker uses gas and electric for the hob. The ovens are electric, but they work in the same way as an AGA, taking 6-8 hours to warm up from cold, but once warm they hold their heat.

Features include:

Gas burners – two dual control gas burners with a range from 0.5kW to 4kW.

500mm cast iron chefs plate, electrically heated with graduated temperature zones.

Ovens – four in total, hot oven for roasting (240°C), medium oven for baking (190°C), slow oven for simmering (120°C) and holding oven (60°C); the ovens are manufactured from Silicon Carbide, which is hardwearing and has a high thermal capacity.

Dimensions 1090mm width x 900mm height x700mm depth plus 78mm for the control rail.

Finish – Vitreous enamelled front panel and outer doors, Teflon coasted door inners with silicon rubber door grips.

Available in six superb colours, Garnet, Calcite, Azurite, Basalt, Portland, and Graphite.

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