Thornhill Range Cookers

Handmade Traditional styling with 21st Century Technology

Thornhill Range Cookers take pride in crafting hand-made range cookers that seamlessly blend tradition with modern innovation. Whether you opt for a wood-fired, a wood/electric hybrid, or pallet-fuelled cooker, each cooker is meticulously crafted to order, ensuring exceptional quality.

The British craftmanship shines through every step of the process. All ironwork is cast in Oxford or Wednesbury, renowned for their skilled artisans. Next, the components are enamelled in Birmingham. Finally, it is meticulously assembled and polished in their premises in Canterbury, Kent.

Quality control is paramount. Before reaching your kitchen, every Thornhill cooker undergoes rigorous checks. Each cooker is run to ensure it operates flawlessly, giving you peace of mind.

Fuel efficiency is at the heart of the design. Regardless of your chosen fuel source, Thornhill range cookers incorporate cutting-edge technology.

Elegance meets functionality. The cookers feature mirror- polished stainless steel or coloured enamel lids, adding a touch of sophistication to your culinary space.



Experience the pinnacle of efficiency with this cutting-edge Wood-Burning Stove Cooker. Crafted for sustainability and performance, this cooker boasts exceptional efficiency, utilising the patented Thornhill Turbo Combustion System and Catalytic converters. With minimal wood consumption (just 1.1 kg of wood per hour), it provides ample warmth while being eco-conscious. Delivering up to 6 kW of radiant heat to your living space, it quickly warms up the chilliest rooms. Reaching baking temperatures of 180°C in approximately 30 minutes. The large double hotplate features two rings that are connected in the middle, allowing seamless 


– 5 OVEN

This wood fired stove cooker combines timeless British design with cutting-edge patented technology. The Eco-range wood fired cooker is a world leader in efficiency and emissions. With its 100% renewable fuel compatibility, it is futureproof and delightful to use. The slide control allows you to open the cast-iron hotplate directly to the fire to boost the temperature. The double halogen hob ensures fast cooking and summer use. The 5 ovens include two electric conventional fan assisted ovens and an integrated grill. This cooker offers an impressive total cooking capacity of 250 litres. The approximate temperature difference between the three wood-fired ovens is 30-40 degrees.


The Thornhill Ecorange 3 oven wood pellet-fired cooker is a global leader in efficiency and emissions, fuelled by 100% renewable pellets. It operates via a time switch and thermostat, heating up in around 40 minutes. This cooker features a 2 ring hotplate that is linked in the middle and an induction hob. Its 3 ovens offer a combined 150 litre cooking capacity. With a time clock, you can wake up to a warm kitchen. It reaches 180°C in 40 minutes, burning less than 1kg of pellets per hour. The hopper holds 35+ kg of pellets, needing weekly refills. Wood pellets burn cleanly, leaving minimal ash. This remarkably cost effective cooker also provides between 3-5kW of room heat. An eco-friendly choice. 


With a collection of 42 timeless traditional colours, you are sure to find the perfect colour that complements your kitchen beautifully 

Thornhill Range of 42 Colours