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AGA Hoods

AGA, renowned for their commitment to quality and durability, manufacture products that are both long-lasting and efficient. Their range of AGA cooker hoods, specifically designed to complement AGA cookers, embody this ethos. These cooker hoods offer two key features: re-circulation and extraction. The re-circulation feature filters the air from the cooking zone and reintroduces it into the kitchen, while the extraction feature expels the air outside, creating a fresh and pleasant cooking environment. The latest AGA extraction hoods are available in two designs Slab canopy and Pitch canopy. In addition to these, AGA offer the option of Built-In Extractors, seamlessly integrating with your kitchen layout. Their range also includes the classic Traditional Cooker Hood  and the high-performance Super Extract Hood under their chimney hoods collection.

Slab Hood – from £2,370

The AGA Slab cooker hood is available in three sizes 90cm, 100cm, and 110cm, ensuring the perfect fit for every kitchen. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, efficiently removing unwanted kitchen vapours and odours.

Boasting an energy efficiency A rating and comes equipped with a remote control, timer function, and four speed options.

With 16 AGA colours to choose from, you can find the perfect match for your kitchen’s decor.

Pitch Hood – from £2,370

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with the AGA Pitch cooker hood, designed to complement your AGA cooker. Available in three sizes – 90cm, 100cm, and 110cm this hood mirrors the performance of the AGA Slab Hood, enhancing your kitchen’s aesthetic while creating an optimal cooking environment.
The Pitch Hood efficiently eliminates steam, fumes, and odours from your kitchen, ensuring a pleasant cooking experience. With the added convenience of a remote control, you can effortlessly adjust the extraction speed to suit your needs.
The Pitch Hood is available in 16 AGA colours. You can choose the one that best complements your kitchen decor to enjoy a harmonious cooking space.

Built-In 720 – from £900

The AEXT720 Built-In Hood, is a 72cm kitchen marvel with a sleek stainless steel finish. This integrated hood is designed to be hidden away, slotting neatly into wall-mounted cupboards or in a mantle around a range cooker, providing a seamless finish to your kitchen.
Control it effortlesslessly using the integrated push control panel or the remote control for added convenience. It features three speed settings with a powerful boost setting to cater to all your cooking needs.
It offers flexibility with its Dutch Hood design that vents outside, or a re-circulatory option, depending on your kitchen setup. The recirculation feature ensures that your kitchen remains fresh, as it filters and recirculates the air within your kitchen, eliminating odours and smoke.
It also comes equipped with two halogen spotlights for perfect lighting.

Built-In 900 – from £1,270 

The FM900 Built-in hood is an integrated, canopy-style hood designed to blend seamlessly into your kitchen cabinetry or mantle, providing an efficient solution for a fresh and clean cooking environment. With a width of 90cm, it features a powerful extraction rate, ensuring swift removal of cooking odours and smoke. This hood comes with three speed setting with a boost setting for those times when extra power is needed. It also includes two integrated LED spotlights, providing bright, white light to illuminate your cooking area. The FM900 built-in hood boast a narrow space-saving design. It features illuminated push button controls for easy operation, a 10-minute delay shutdown mode to clear residual steam or smoke, and an auto fan off feature for if it is left unattended. This hood is equipped with washable aluminium grease filters for easy cleaning and maintenance. With an energy rating of A, the FM900 Built-in  hood adds a touch of elegance and function to both traditional and contemporary Kitchens.

Traditional Hood – from £885

The AGA Traditional Hood is the perfect companion for your AGA range cooker. This technollogically advanced hood efficiently whisks away cooking smells, leaving your kitchen more pleasant and enjoyable to work in. Available in 90cm or 110cm sizes, it complements your AGA beutifully. This hood has the option of both extraction and re-circulation options. With an energy efficiency A rating, and four speed options, the AGA Traditional Hood combines performance with style.

Super Extract Hood – from £2,095

The AGA Super Extract Hood is a 100cm wide kitchen appliance that combines high-performance extraction with an elegant chimney design. Available with either a contemporary or classic AGA badge, this hood offers three variable speed settings along with an intensive setting. Its grease filters are removable ensuring easy maintenance. Ideal for use with room-venting AGA models, the AGA Super Extract Hood effectively removes cooking odours and steam, making it a stylish and functional addition to any kitchen.

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