Trading Terms

All AGA Appliances are covered with a one-year labour and five-year parts guarantee. The warranty starts on the day of installation, this is regardless of whether the cooker is used immediately after installation.1 Vitreous Enamel & Cast Iron

Variation may occur in shade & texture, and the enamel can be mottled, this is natural occurrence due to the manufacturing process.


2 Removal of Old Appliances

Removing old appliances can be an extremely dirty job and it may be necessary for you to arrange a cleaning service after the work has been completed.

Removal of cookers which may contain asbestos will be taken out in one piece where possible.

We cannot be held liable for dirt caused nor responsible for providing a cleaning service.


3 Installation

Our quotations are based on the assumption that our operatives will be able to commence work on the appointed day immediately they arrive on site and we reserve the right to charge at day work rate for waiting or lost time occasioned by lack of readiness at the site for any reason.

The installation position of the Aga cooker is critical and relocation will be chargeable.


4 Ancillary Materials

Will be charged as used.


5 Smoking Chimneys

We cannot accept responsibility for existing structural defects in chimneys, which cause a downdraft or fumes. External factors outside our control such as local geography wind pressure and the degree of insulation and draught proofing can all contribute to or cause a downdraft or fumes.

Please note every oil-burning appliance gives off fumes it is the job of the flue to take the fumes away. If there is a problem, i.e.: a down draught or smells into the kitchen, then the problem lies with the flue and it would be necessary to carry out remedial work at your own expense

In the event of a fault with the flue we cannot be held liable for damage caused by smoke or fumes nor responsible for providing a cleaning service.


6 Chimney Sweeping

Customers are advised to have their chimneys swept and checked prior to the appliance being fitted.


7 Liabilities

A) We cannot accept liability for any damage, which may be caused to an appliance as a result of its removal, reinstallation or storage.

B) We cannot be held responsible for delays in the supply of specially ordered items not held in stock or strikes, lockouts, inclement weather or transport delays beyond our control and time shall not be of the essence in any contract.

C) In the event that we find it necessary to reschedule a fixing date at short notice Country Warmth shall not be held liable for a client’s time.

D) In the event of the supply of defective materials or the execution of faulty workmanship our liability is limited in all cases to the replacement of the defective materials or the making good of any faulty workmanship and shall not extend to consequential loss of whatsoever kind occasioned thereby.


8 Cancellations

Cancellation or variation of any order cannot be accepted after 24 hours from the date of placing the order other than at our discretion.


9 Complaints

Complaints must be made, in writing, within seven days of the completed installation otherwise no responsibility can be entertained. Any such complaint will be investigated within fourteen days.


10 Damaged Appliances

On completion of the installation the engineer will inspect your cooker for scratches, chips on the enamel, any damage or defects and ask for you to confirm his findings.

We cannot accept liability for any damage to the enamel unless reported within 24 hours of the installation.

In new dwellings it is our custom to install the appliance after the plastering and floor screed is finished, this eliminates scratches, chips, etc. which may be caused by the following trades


11 Quotations

Prices are valid for acceptance within eight weeks after which the offer lapses unless otherwise stated or there is a Manufacturers price increase.


12 Terms of Payment

As stated in our written quotation.

At our discretion, payment, which becomes overdue, will be subject to 1½-% interest rate per calendar month.

Sub Contractors to be paid direct.

It is not our practice to send receipts unless requested.

It is our company policy not to release goods until they are paid for in full.


13 Ex works and delivered materials

On ex works quotations our responsibility ceases upon loading on to the customer’s or carrier’s vehicle, goods will be considered inspected when collection takes place. For the supply and delivery of goods by our own transport, our responsibility ceases after unloading and we expect the client or building contractor to supply labour to receive and assist our driver with the unloading. No claim for damage or deficiencies will be entertained unless the delivery note (to be signed) is marked `damaged` or `deficient` and we are notified, in writing, within four days of the date of delivery.


14 The Property

It is our company policy not to release goods until they are paid for in full. All goods remain the property of Country Warmth until paid for in full


16 After Installation

Please read your user guide and installation instructions before using your new cooker.

We recommend that the appliance heat should be built up gently to allow the materials used in fitting to dry out slowly.

We recommend that the condensation on the enamel produced during the lighting and drying out process be removed with a soft cloth as it is formed.

Leave the lids up until the protective wax has been burnt off.

There will be a smell off the appliance when it is first switched on.


17 Warranty

The warranty documents are included in your cooker when it is delivered please familiarise your self with the conditions of the warranty to ensure it remains valid. All AGA Appliances are covered with a one-year labour and five-year parts guarantee. The warranty starts on the day of installation, this is regardless of whether the cooker is used immediately after installation.


18 Regular Maintenance


Many AGA cookers run 24 hours a day, 52 weeks of the year. For trouble free cooking regular servicing is necessary. Once your Aga is commissioned a note will be made on our files and you will automatically be notified by post when the service is due. If the date given is not convenient just telephone us and we will happily rearrange to suit your requirements.

The Manufacturers recommend an Oil Fired Aga is serviced twice a year and Gas or Solid Fuel Fired Cookers once a year. Electric Agas vary from 21/2 years to 5 years to no servicing requirement on the very latest electric AGA’s.

We have a regular reminder service and will let you know when your cooker is due for service.

Everhot cookers do not require a regular service