We stock a wide range of cookware and accessories – pop in to the shop and get hands-on

We stock cookware in a variety of different materials to suit all tastes and cooker types. We have used AGA cookware on our own AGA’s for years and we can pass on our advice and comments


Most popular is the AGA Stainless steel range. These pans are Swiss made, beautifully engineered and have an encapsulated 6mm heavy thermal base for maximum efficiency. They also have a recessed lid allowing easy staking in the ovens. They come in a range of sizes and with two options of handle.

Other go to pan ranges are the lightweight cast aluminium saucepans with removable handle that again allow for use in the oven as well as on the top. The Teflon platinum plus non stick coating inside and out allows you to cook with less fat and makes them easy to clean. 


The AGA Essentials range includes all the items you get free when you purchase a new AGA cooker plus many other options. Roasting tins come in various sizes and materials, all of which fit on the oven side runners. There are some nuances in which material you choose for which job and a visit to the shop to discuss with us your requirements is always worthwhile. Cold shelves, toasters and the basic cook book are also classed as essentials. If you have just moved into a house with an AGA it is often the essentials that have gone away with the outgoing owners.


We have  top quality bakeware, including the AGA logo loaf tin and other cake/pie tins of unusual sorts. Plus a wide choice of Bake-O-Glide – Non stick liners for your tins and to help you cook directly on to the simmering plate. 

If you know what you want we can drop it off when our engineers are passing your area or at your next cooker service.


The cleaning products we sell are the only ones authorised and tested for safe use on your AGA .

We have seen countless horror stories of enamel damage to AGA’s due to being cleaned with corrosive cleaning products.

Don’t take a risk please use only AGA Authorised cleaning products. 


Our range of kitchen textiles include AGA Gauntlets that have extra length, to protect your arms as well as your hands, and an internal barrier for protection against steam and grease.

We have one of the largest stocks of the Sophie Allport range of kitchen textiles. With over twenty different designs of chefs pads, oven gloves, aprons and range roller towels that Velcro round the hand rail of your cooker.


We have the only range of AGA approved kettles, that have a thick solid base ensuring a faster boil. Some have whistles too, so that you know when your brew is imminent! Our kettles come in different materials, some boil quicker than others some are lighter than others. come and see for yourself which kettle is most suited to your needs.


We often have sale stock – a mixture of discontinued stock or ex display products just waiting for a new home!

View some of the products we stock in the gallery below