The New Glass AGA

AGA ERA 110-3i – £19,900

The AGA ERA heat-storage cooker is a modern and stylish appliance that is perfect for any contempory kitchen.

It features three large capacity ovens, including two cast-iron radiant heat-storage ovens – one for roasting and baking and one for slow simmering – plus a conventional fan oven. The cooker also comes with a powerful 2.1kW grill, four-zone induction hob, and a controllable cast iron hotplate, all of which are touch-screen controlled.

The use of glass in the design creates a striking, unified aesthetic that is both beautiful and functional. The polished chrome trim adds a touch of elegance to the overall design.


This The AGA ERA cooker is known for its ability to produce delicious food. This is because it uses gentle radiant heat from the cast-iron heat-storage ovens to retain the food’s moisture, flavour texture, and goodness. The cooker has two cast-iron heat storage ovens: one for roasting and baking and another for long, slow simmering.

The roasting and baking oven has eight temperature settings, ranging from high temperature roasting (R() to gentle baking (B1), and heats up in just 60 minutes. Both cast-iron ovens have an internal Altrashell™ coating, which makes them easy to clean with removable door liners.


The lower glass door conceals a conventional fan oven with nine temperature settings (B1 to R9) and a heat-up time of 15 minutes. The fan oven door is equipped with a heat-reflective, tinted window, and the oven is internally lit to help you monitor your cooking.
All three ovens feature large doors with magnetic closures.


The oven cavity for roasting and baking comes with a built-in grill that has different grilling positions. the higher positions are ideal for fast cooking, while the lower positions are better suited for slower cooking.


Underneath iconic AGA dome lid and handle with its evolved new chrome sleek geometric degign, you’ll discover a generously sized cast-iron hotplate that accommodates up to four pans simultaneously. The hotplate can be set to either boiling or simmering mode. In under 12 minutes, it reaches its full temperature.


The ERA has a state-of-the-art induction hob, with its simple touch-control interface, its four zones offers quick, safe, and energy-efficient cooking. It is equipped with a bridging function on both sides, accommodating large pans or a griddle. The hob is also packed with features such as boil-dry detection, a timer, pot detection, a child lock, and a pause button. Additionally, it includes a ‘power boost’ function that delivers maximum power for ten minutes, enhancing your cooking experience.



Equipped with a state-of-the-art touch-screen control panel, the AGA ERA ovens and accompanying cast-iron hotplate deliver a seamless cooking experience. This advanced control panel is subtly concealed behind the top glass door for a sleek design

Additionally, the cooker comes with a portable programmer. This handy device allows you to pre-set the temperature of the cast-iron heat-storage ovens, ensuring its ready to cook at your convenience.



The AGA ERA is a versatile heat-storage range cooker that marries modern technology and design with traditional values. It uses glass extensively, creating a contemporary aesthetic that complements any modern kitchen. Crafted with premium materials, it offers a sensory cooking experience with its touch-screen control. the cooker includes both conventional and radiant heat-storage cast-iron ovens, the latter providing an effortless way of cooking food that just tastes better. Essentially, the AGA ERA is a glass AGA that integrates seamlessly into your kitchen and life, embodying a modern take on traditional cooking.