We enjoyed an informative cookery demonstration on The Everhot 60 and 100 cookers yesterday. The event was lead by Sally of Bean Hill Farm – a small holding that Sally runs keeping pigs and chickens. She bakes her own pork pies, soda bread and offers cookery courses.

She was both entertaining and knowledgeable on her subject and the versatility of The Everhot cookers. She prepared breakfast, demonstrating the super powerful grill to brown her own homemade maple cured bacon. We then had oat pancakes with a soft fruit stewed compote and freshly buttered toast all cooked on the cast iron hot plate.

Sally then started off a tasty chicken and pepper casserole on the induction ring once hot through she placed this in the lower oven for it to slow cook. It was ready by the end of the demonstration and was absolutely delicious. Sally also made a spicy beef dish with a sticky sauce that had been reduced to a thick consistency. We were then treated to Sally’s special pizza. Made with her own home made dough and using a bread stone on the floor of the oven. The result was a lovely crispy pizza. We finished off with some warm perfectly baked chocolate muffins, some of us even took one home with us!

In a humorous twist we were going to be treated to Sally’s signature sour dough bread, but due to some slightly over exuberant assistance from the family dog the sour dough loaf she had made was whipped from its container on the way to her car earlier that morning! So, we will look forward to tasting that next time Sally comes to do a demonstration!

If you would like details of future Everhot Cookery Demonstrations please email claire@countrywarmth.co.uk