We hosted an Everhot cookery demonstration last week, despite the snow storm! We were fortunate to have the Sales Director from Everhot with us, Richard, who had come down from the snow covered dales north of Ryedale. It just goes to show that these Everhot people are hardy folks.

Thankfully we had an 11am start, by which time the roads had improved and the snow was turning to rain. Giving most people chance to arrive in time for fresh coffee and home baked biscuits.

Claire had planned a veritable feast of food to show people how an Everhot cooker works. We enjoyed grilled sausages with tomatoes and mushroom, presented as mini kebabs then cheese toasties, these were cooked on the top and melted cheese with toast was perfect for such a damp cold day. Also made from the warmth of the cast iron tops were Scotch pancakes served with raspberry coulis.

As a nod to lunch we sampled roasted butternut squash soup served in little espresso coffee cups with freshly baked rolls. Claire also produced meringues that were sandwiched together with her home made lemon curd and cream.

Next up was chocolate chip muffins and the most delicious orange Marsala steamed pudding – good enough to serve on Christmas day!

We also got to see how the Everhot produces a delicious roast chicken with steamed carrots and beans and lovely twice roasted potatoes. Then just when we thought no more food could come out of the ovens out came a beef casserole. And finally just because we have the induction hob on the top Claire showed that a stir fry could be knocked up in a few minutes at the end of a long and fruitful mornings cooking.