It’s show time! Each year we tour many of the regions finest country shows with our trusty show trailer.

This year we will have with us an Aqua two oven AGA, a pink AGA City60 and a grey Everhot 100 cooker.

In addition, we have a good range of textiles including the Sophie Allport range, various range roller towels and some fantastic linen union tea towels sporting Tottering by Gently designs. The latest of these tea towels being The Dog Rules is a must have for those with a canine resident! We will have a selection of good cook books from Mary Berry and Richard Maggs as well as the pocket sized AGA Tip books which make great gifts.

This year we will be offering a click and collect system for items at the shows, meaning customers can order directly from our shop and collect at the shows. Please contact us for details.

Where to find us!

Huby and Sutton Show: 25th June

Malton Show: 3rd July

Great Yorkshire Show: 12th-14th July

Driffield Show: 20th July

Ryedale Show: 26th July

Egton Show: 24th August


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