We enjoyed a fun and informative evening with Sara Danesin Medio last week.


Many of you may recognise Sara from her Masterchef days! She has since become a highly respected chef and food consultant and runs York’s first dining club, Sara @ St John’s from her home close to the centre of the historic city.

Around 30 customers shared Sara’s tips and wisdom as she demonstrated on AGA’s new generation City 60 cooker. Sara has one of these cookers at home, in addition to her 2 oven traditional gas AGA. Thus giving her the optimum combination of warm and space from her gas AGA and more immediate heat and extra capacity from the City 60.


We were treated to pan fried partridge with baked shallots, thyme and garlic along with oven roasted mixed peppers that were perfectly cooked, delicious sun dried tomatoes and grilled halloumi. Quite a Mediterranean feel and ideal for the recent late summer weather we have been enjoying.

Alison was demonstrating on the cream Dual Control 5 oven AGA. In between fielding assorted AGA cookery questions she was also feeding many happy customer’s cheesy nibbles, ham and cheddar toasties and honey drizzled sausages!

Claire had prepared some delicious beetroot and ricotta blinis and almond pesto crostinis which went down particularly well with the Prosecco that was being served!

Customers also enjoyed a special evening offer of 10% off cookware, resulting in many people going home with full shopping bags!

Our next beginners guide to AGA Cooking is 25th October please contact us to reserve your place.

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