We are delighted to announce the launch of the AGA City60.

Always had room in your heart for an AGA, but never enough space in the kitchen? well now you have…

The launch of the new AGA City60 means that everyone will be able to find an AGA that fits perfectly. The new AGA City60 is everything you would expect from an AGA, but wrapped up in a smaller, more city-friendly package.

At just 60cm wide, it’s perfect for small spaces. And, just like other iconic AGA cookers, it’s made from cast iron and employs radiant heat cooking technology, meaning all the flavour, goodness and moisture is locked in. In winter you can enjoy the indefinable AGA warmth in the kitchen and in the summer your AGA City60 can be on when you need it and off when you don’t. The AGA City60 is fully factory finished, is room vented so can be sited anywhere, and is mounted on wheels so is easy to move around or take with you if you relocate.

Please contact us for further details.