We have had a busy time with cooking demonstrations recently.

Last week, we had just short of 40 people attending our ‘Beginners Guide to AGA Cooking’ event. This demonstration is for those thinking about buying an AGA, or for those that have moved into a house that already has an AGA. We show all the different methods of cooking including grilling, steaming, roasting, baking, frying, toasting, stewing, boiling and simmering. People can ask technical questions as well as getting advice on pans and other types of cookware.

Then later in the week we held our first themed demonstration of the year. This was a series of recipes ideal for spring entertaining and possible suggestions for catering for Easter celebrations.

Alison and Claire made two starters. Firstly creamed peppers served in ramekins with crostini and homemade tapenade. Or as an alternative first course, they prepared pears wrapped in parma ham and quickly baked in the roasting oven served hot.

For the main course, they prepared lamb and bean casserole with ciabatta crumble on top. This was a flavoursome dish that looked a lot more complicated than it actually was. Also the beauty of the dish with an AGA is it can sit in the simmering oven until guests are ready to eat. Allowing an aura of calm to pervade over the kitchen.

Fish is also a traditional Easter dish and Alison cooked a lovely salmon dish served with ham and blackened sea salt. Again, cooking the fish in a cast iron oven allows the moisture to be retained in the fish, which gives a very pleasing taste and a good fleshy texture.

For pudding, Claire treated us to her special sticky toffee pudding. Cut into a smart cylindrical shape and served with cream. It looked as good as it tasted! Luckily, there was enough for all the Country Warmth team to enjoy as well as guests!

Alison’s pudding was a more delicate affair. A cross between a syllabub and a posset, served in a martini glass and topped with a passion fruit jelly. It gave a lovely contract to the sharpness of the fruit with the softness of the posset. The general consensus was of some delicious recipes that were very ‘do able’. Ideal for Easter entertaining.

Our next demonstration ‘Summer Entertaining’ on Wednesday 14th May is almost sold out so please contact us ASAP for details.