We have been out and about over the last three weeks attending local agricultural shows. Herewith the diary of a trade stand holder, summer 2012.
Driffield Show
The familiar rain sodden picture greeted us on the morning of Driffield Show. However sometimes the clouds can be misleading. By 10am the sun was making a strenuous effort to peep through and a brisk breeze was drying the ground up nicely. 
As one of the (if not THE) biggest one-day shows, Driffield was not going to succumb to the wet weather conditions. With a chalky well-drained show field the organisers gave everybody a much-needed opportunity to exhibit their wares.

These ‘wares’ were quiet diverse in their make up. From willow weaving and bread milling to terrier racing, gun dog training, falconry and polo. These events were successfully shown to the delight of many (including us!). We met old customers and new and passed much time reminiscing about the benefits of having a cast iron heat storage cooker at the heart of the home. Our good friend Bev Madden of Mrs Madden Makes was also there displaying her lovely aprons and other house wares. These aprons can be custom made to suit personal requirements and they make a great gift.

A great day was had by all and we even managed to pack every thing away in the dry, ready for Malton Show.
Malton Show
Now we were being spoilt! A warm and sunny day bought the crowds out in the lovely setting of Scampston Park. We were lucky enough to enjoy the livestock parade, a vintage tractor parade, the sheep dog trials and a myriad of horse showing classes. There were rows of vintage farm machinery, all of them in working order, so much so that by the end of the day even our heartbeat’s had synchronised with the ‘chug chug chug’ of the steam engines located opposite our stand. We met the lovely ladies from the regional W I and we are hoping to link up with them for some future events at our upstairs cookery school. Watch our web site for further developments.

 Ryedale Show
Probably our favourite show of the summer, Ryedale show is always well attended and stylishly run. Our stand drew many admirers and several small children wanting to make a ‘house’ out of it. A successful day was had by all!
Now back to the shop to sell some AGA’s!