This photo was taken at our recent Everhot sales event of Patti, the organiser of the National Carriage Driving Championships at Bywell Park taking place this summer.

Patti is proudly displaying the event clothing with a super new logo designed especially for this event.

Everhot is excited to be sponsoring an obstacle at the championships.

The Everhot show trailer will be on hand for information on these fabulous cookers. There will be representatives from local stockists Walter Dix, Country Warmth, and Everhot themselves to answer any sales, installation and cookery questions.

The National Carriage Driving Championships showcase the best of British talent in carriage driving. The trials run over three days. The first day is driven dressage, day two is the marathon and hazards day – whereby turnouts travel over 16 KM at speed and complete 8 obstacles passing through gates in an order A-F as fast as possible.

The final day, testing the horses flexibility and suppleness after the previous days exertions, is a cones course of approx 20 cones in various combinations to an optimum time.

We are looking forward to the event and will keep posting up dates on our news page and social media. We hope to see you there!