Saturday morning dawned and the first thing that came to mind was the phrase ‘man the lifeboats’. The weather forecast had, for once been correct, and it was pouring with rain. Over 150 of us stand holders bravely set up in spite of the conditions. We were fortunate enough to be situated next to ‘The Greedy Bassett Kitchen’. As you can see from the picture they had come with a ready made Ark. So not only did they supply delicious refreshments but also a rescue boat should the rain continue to fall! 

Thankfully the weather soon brightened up and the visitors flooded in. We did a good trade on cookery books and  ‘Mrs Madden’ aprons. We were lucky enough to have a visit from Mrs (and Mr) Madden – it is nice to be ale to introduce customers to the very lady that makes these lovely pinnies! aprons made a colourful and ever changing display around our show trailer. Bev Madden can embroider any ditty on to her beautiful aprons. She also has a new line in customised carrier bags, for both private individuals and other businesses. Cake makers and tearooms have been especially interested in her wares that can be used to promote their brands. One customer on the day was Veronica of ‘Fairly Scrumptious’ who bought a lovely green spotty ‘do my buns look big in this?’ Apron!
A gala dinner was held in the Milton Rooms on the Saturday evening. A very brave Phil Leverington of Flint and Flame took up the challenge of rustling up a six-course extravaganza that would withstand the judgment of one of the country’s top chefs, Antonio Carluccio.  Brave and intrepid was probably the word as Phil had only a temporary kitchen, stocked with two Falcon cookers, and a completely  ‘new to him’ support team on kind loan from the Cleveland Tontine and extra pairs of hands from The Talbot Hotel Malton. We needn’t have worried the meal was a complete success, delicious food and hilarious interjections from Antonio on the microphone. Included in which was his description of the tender mutton we were eating as merely ‘experienced lamb’! Montes Wines kept the liquid refreshments flowing and the Milton Rooms had been tastefully bedecked with bunting and fairy lights to provide a convivial atmosphere.

A host of top chefs took it in turns to demonstrate to a packed cookery theatre on both the Saturday and Sunday. Our Falcon cookers were complimented by the chefs, who are often tasked to cook up a demonstration feast on nothing more than an aged ‘baby belling’!
Finally a huge thank you must go to Tom and Alice Naylor-Leyland and their family, to Jan, Deb and all at the Fitzwilliam estate, plus the tremendous efforts of an army of volunteers, all of whom ensured the success of the 2013 Malton Food Festival.