A big well done to Jo Mason the winner of the Ladies Open AGA Total Control qualifier  race at Hornby Castle.

The weather looked grim as we drove the show trailer through the deer park gates and on to the old turf surrounding Hornby Castle.  This was the home of the Bedale hunt point to point. However the grey skies did not put off the punters who turned out in force on this Easter Saturday meeting.

We nestled our show trailer next to the lovely people at Field House Saddlery on our left and I’anson feeds on our right, both local businesses with strong connections to many of the Bedale field.

By the time the first race started the weather had relented and we even had some sunshine, yes it was actually warm enough to crack open the rose wine. Although of course there were those individuals unable to share due to the rigours of lent. Even Charlotte the multi-skilled race announcer was unable to eat our special chocolate cake because chocolate was given up for lent. (Gosh did we feel unholy drinking wine and eating chocky).

Thankfully our super photographers had not availed themselves of any religious constraint and allowed us to ply them with cake and soup in liberal doses. Most necessary in Pam’s case as her hands were so cold she could barely operate the shutter.

The big race of the day for us was of course the Ladies Open. Jo mason had the last minute ride on the striking grey Blandings Castle as original jockey Pippa Tutty is still recovering from her crashing fall at Wetherby. With Jo’s cousin Jackie Coward as odds on favourite Jo had some big shoes to step in to. However showing her spirit right from the start she led the whole way around. Jackie tried hard on the diminutive Narciso but couldn’t quite match the stride of the big grey, and the scope of his bold jumping style. So victory was Jo’s and as she brightly said it was really a victory for Pippa too.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day and thanks must go to Hannah Bryce and the lovely Lupe the chihuahua and David, Richard and Judy for coming along to support us and help on the stand. Hopefully most have them (and their livers) have dried out by now. We are looking forward to seeing some of our ladies from Yorkshire at Cheltenham.