We spoke to Gorgeous Yorkshire earlier this week about the wonder of Aga cookers!

The Q&A is below, however you can read the full article online www.gorgeousyorkshire.co.uk

Q. How much do Agas start from and what do you get for your money?
A. You can get the basic two oven Aga, oil fired, for £4,995 including VAT and fitted on a prepared site.

Q. What is the most deluxe Aga money can buy and how much is it?
A.  Probably a four oven model, fulled either by gas or electric with an integrated module attached to it, along with Aga’s intelligent management system. This would retail at £13,490.

Q. Are Agas becoming more popular and if so, why?
A. Yes, for sure, mainly due to the fact that there is now an Aga to suit every household’s requirements in terms of different fuels, sizes, and heat outputs.

Q. What’s the main appeal of the Aga?
A. The fact that food cooked in cast iron ovens tastes better is the main appeal. Also, for some of the more traditional models, the gentle warmth into the room gives the home the heart.

Q. They come in a variety of colours. Which is the best seller?
A. It’s a draw between black and cream.