We enjoyed a full-on cookery demonstration with Sally (from Bean Hill farm) on our Showroom Everhot 100i.

We were treated to a delicious breakfast of sausages, tomatoes, mushrooms and Sally’s own home cured bacon all crisped up beautifully under the Everhot grill.

Sally then made some delicious scotch pancakes that were cooked on the top simmer plate of the Everhot and served drizzled with honey.

We then enjoyed homemade meringues cooked in the cooler oven and served with homemade stewed rhubarb laced with Amarillo and spread with double cream. These meringues were absolutely delicious and we are sure that part of that was due to Sally’s culinary skill, part the gentle heat of the cooler Everhot oven and part the amazing free range eggs from Sally’s own hens!

What followed was a continuous stream of homemade dishes. We had freshly baked bread buns, then homemade burgers to go in the buns. We had a cheesy leek and onion quiche with not a hint of a soggy bottom!

A slow cooked leg of lamb with stewed root vegetables and crispy hedgehog potatoes. A rice and vegetable stir fry served with baked salmon and a Korean sauce (that was virtually nuclear in its punch!). We enjoyed baking treats such as chocolate Florentines and a light and fluffy Swiss roll.

The food kept on coming and was jolly tasty!

We thoroughly enjoyed our day as did the customers that came to see and sample the fruits of our labour. Our handsome black Everhot 100i certainly produced the goods.

We shall be scheduling in another Everhot Cookery Demonstration soon, please contact us for future dates and an invitation.