We were full to capacity for our most recent cookery demonstration, Christmas Celebrations.

To start with Alison made Gravadlax from a whole fresh salmon. This was a meaty and flavoursome dish given more refinement by the addition of the delicious cucumber sorbet. Alison brought her ice cream maker in to make the sorbet, and now that we have the AGA DxD in the showroom we can freeze items made in the cookery school!

The sorbet was both sharp and sweet all at the same time. It was a really unusual sorbet, and not at all watery which you might expect from cucumber. We served it with a green salad and lemon wedges.

The ‘main event’ was the turkey. This year we did a Mediterranean style turkey. This involved cooking  it with garlic butter, basil, oregano and lemon wedges. We used mustard and Marsala in the gravy to give a delicious rich jus to accompany the meat. We also served apples stuffed with chestnuts and sage along with a sausage, pancetta and apricot stuffing.

Alison also made a caramelised onion and time stuffing. As a vegetarian main course Claire made a parsnip, cranberry and chestnut loaf. This was colourful and easy to serve in neat slices with a band of bright red cranberries running through the middle. We served it with a delicious spiced apricot sauce to make a substantial alternative to a turkey main course.

Other delicious vegetables were the crumb roasted rosemary and garlic potatoes and the creamed sprouts with bacon Marsala and almonds. For those that could fit more on their plate there was a roasted cauliflower with garlic, bay, lemon and bacon with sausage rolls.

No wonder we all needed a small pause before finishing off with Christmas pudding and cream, or homemade AGA lemon curd spread into a delicious roulade.

Our customers left feeling well fed and suitably inspired to tackle Christmas dinner on their own AGA!