This cookery demonstration went down a treat with our guests!

Claire started with her courgette, cheese and herb pesto tear and share bread. The dough was prepared and left to prove near the AGA – a job the AGA does so well! Once proved and baked this was served with olives and artichokes drizzled with oil infused with chilli, cloves and cinnamon. A delicious starter to share around the table.

Alison then went to work on the crab salad. This consisted of brown crab combined with a mild homemade curried mayonnaise and some white wine shallots. This was served with freshly chopped fennel and apple on rye crackers. It was a delicious seafood dish perfect as a starter for dinner parties or even a smart picnic.

Claire then made the mushroom encroute. Mushrooms, nuts, garlic and soy sauce all encased in a light puffy pastry case provided a substantial dish. This was served with Claire’s homemade onion relish and a green salad.

Next on the menu was Thai salmon noisettes. These were salmon steaks wrapped around a Thai paste. The flavours of ginger, lime and garlic then permeated the salmon during the cooking process. They were served with a lemon grass coconut and sweet chilli broth and saffron rice and a radish bean and potato salad.

For pudding the colourful mille feuilles were served with a raspberry, cream, marscapone and vanilla filling served with a summer berry coulis and a dusting of raspberry sherbutt.

Then to finish, Alison created a yoghurt and pistachio torte with a pistachio and almond base served with mango and passion fruit salad.

This was enjoyed with a glass of sparkling rose wine, or elderflower cordial for those driving!

Another successful cookery demonstration held in our upstairs cookery school. 

Claire and Alison now get to have a break from cooking up some lovely menus whilst we head out to the agricultural shows over the summer. However, we shall be back with some more dates for the autumn. Please contact us or join our mailing list if you would like to be advised of the autumn and winter demonstrations.