Last night was the Middleton Hunt ‘Bake off’. We had offered a pair of Sophie Althorpe gauntlets to  the winning entrants in each section.

Michael was busy helping to judge the cheesecake competition – divided into ‘lads’ and ‘lasses’ the entries were impressive.

In the lasses section it was a tough choice, with a field of 24 all to taste it took quite some time! With the help of two stalwart ladies from the Middleton Hunt, Nora and Alice. We managed to narrow down the top three. The winner was an extremely professional entry from Jeane Wilson.

The gentlemen displayed no less talent in their quest for success including a very interesting apple cheesecake. There was also the elegant quartered pieces that had a brownie forming their base and beautiful raspberry toppings. The winner was however Tom, whose cheesecake was both stunning in design and original in taste. Tom went on to win ‘Star Baker’ as his cheesecake was selected best in show!

The Blacksmith Arms at Flaxton provided excellent nosh, although after trying 35 cheesecakes the need for supper had somewhat diminished!

Funds were raised with the rest of the cheesecake being enjoyed as puddings and the winning cakes auctioned off.

Congratulations must go to Sue Mason and her helpers for a fun and successful evening. Wonder what the competition will be next year?!