Last week we held our Autumn Entertaining Cookery Demonstration, joined by a full house of 23 lovely ladies for the event.

The ladies sipped fresh coffee and tea whilst browsing around the showroom (including the brand new Cookware textile collection from Sophie Allport) before the demonstration started. For those that had missed breakfast, or just couldn’t resist temptation, there was AGA baked courgette cake and pecan and white chocolate cookies to munch on.

Alison made quinoa and sweet potato hot cakes with chorizo. These little patties were cooked on the simmering plate rather like a scotch pancake and served with chorizo and creme fraiche. They make a substantial canape or a neat starter.

The next dish was smoked trout with apple and hazelnuts and apple jelly. This dish was light and fresh, the use of granny smith apples served as a contrast to the flavour of the smoked trout. The addition of the apple jelly really set off the whole dish and made an impressive starter that was relatively easy to make and could be done in advance.

Claire’s main course was next. This was a delicious winter casserole type dish. Economical to make using chicken thighs which generously take up the warming flavours of paprika, chilli, thyme, cumin and garlic. The addition of black beans make this a really wholesome one pot dish. Serve with crusty bread and a warm salad of green beans and rocket for a tasty and filling informal party meal.

Next was Alison’s cinnamon spiced beef with prunes and almonds. Again, following a theme of cooking for the colder weather this was an interesting way to combine the strong flavour of well cooked steak with the softer, slightly sweeter taste that cinnamon and muscovado sugar bring. Served with couscous for a more modern version of beef casserole with rice!

The puddings were exceptional. Alison created another amazing combination of unusual flavours. A creamy raspberry mousse was served over crushed raspberries and topped with a delicate basil syrup to which just a hint of Pernod had been added.

Whilst Claire made a delicious orange and almond cake (that can also be adapted to gluten-free) and accompanied it with a creamy whole orange ice cream. Finally a delicious thick caramel sauce was forthcoming to finish the dish off. 

Served with Prosecco and or elderflower juice this was a super demonstration. Judging by all the empty plates, our ladies agreed!