Heat Storage AGA

3-oven AGA cooker adds a baking oven to the roasting and simmering ovens of the 2-oven AGA range cooker, offering added versatility to your cooking, but only taking up the space of a 2 oven AGA in the kitchen!

You’ll find the baking oven on the bottom left of the 3-oven AGA cooker, constantly at the ideal moderate heat required to bake to perfection. It makes preparing a hearty family meal an absolute joy; while dinner is gently cooking away in your simmering or roasting oven, simply slide a delicious dessert into the baking oven. There’s no preheat waiting times or fiddling with temperatures, which makes whipping up a rhubarb crumble or chocolate brownies so very easy.


Every AGA heat-storage cooker is made in exactly the same way it has always been: molten iron is poured into moulds to create cast-iron. It’s this iron that brings the AGA cooker’s distinctive cooking performance and while most other cookers are spray painted in minutes, skilled AGA craftsman add multiple coats of vitreous enamel – a process that takes three days to complete.

Every AGA range cooker comes with a simmering oven and a roasting oven, a simmering plate and a boiling plate, each is always ready at the optimum temperature for each type of cooking. It’s the cast-iron that makes this possible. It allows every AGA heat-storage cooker to store heat and steadily radiate it through the ovens and hotplates at a constant temperature. Radiating the heat from all the oven surfaces simultaneously also ensures a kinder cooking process, unlike the fierce direct heat of conventional cookers. Finally the high level of insulation within the outer casting and each hotplate lid ensures fuel is used wisely and economically.

Slow cooking is rooted into the AGA philosophy; it allows your food to gently cook without the risk of burning. So you can throw a dish together first thing in the morning, ignore it for hours on end and pull out a delicious meal by teatime. If you’re in a rush, the high heat of the roasting oven is ideal for a pizza, or a grilled steak can be prepared using the boiling plate – even ready-meals can be cooked easily in an AGA cooker.

B – Boiling Plate; S – Simmering Plate, H – Heat Source, 1 – Roasting Oven, 2 – Simmering Oven.

Roasting oven – roasts and grills beautifully and is big enough to fit a 13kg (28lbs) turkey. Radiant heat means food keeps its natural succulence and flavour.

Baking oven – heated to an ideal moderate baking temperature – ideal for cakes, biscuits and bread.

Simmering oven – Simmers perfectly by constantly maintaining the oven at just the right temperature for long, slow cooking. This develops flavours and will make even the toughest cut of meat melt-in-the-mouth tender.

What to expect
From a toasted sandwich to a perfectly risen soufflé, an AGA cooker excels at every style of cooking. AGA cakes are fluffier, stir-frys wonderfully fast, roasts more succulent and pizzas perfectly crisp. There’s nothing an AGA oven cannot do – and everything it does, it does better.

AGA ovens are easier to maintain
Choose an AGA heat-storage range cooker and you’ll notice that the time you spend cleaning is greatly reduced. That’s because the ovens and hotplates of an AGA cooker are virtually self-cleaning. It’s simply because they’re always on – any spillages are carbonised, so all you have to do is give it the occasional brush out.

No lingering food smells
As you cook in your AGA ovens, food aromas are drawn away and extracted via the flue. This means if you’re cooking something pungent like fish, the AGA cooker will help keep smells to a minimum.

Depending on the model, different flue options are available.

For more details on how the AGA heat-storage cooker works why not watch our video:


In terms of energy consumption, an AGA home shouldn’t cost any more to run than any other. In fact, an AGA heat-storage cooker could actually save you money on your energy bills. Here are some reasons why:

The lifespan of an AGA range cooker is much longer than others
An AGA cooker’s longevity is at least three times that of a conventional cooker. In fact, many AGA cookers across the UK are still working perfectly after 50 years or more of sterling service. It’s well known that many AGA families pass their AGA cookers down from one generation to the next.

You’ll rely less on radiators
An AGA cooker gives off enough ambient heat to keep most kitchens warm, even in winter, which means you’re likely never to use the radiator in the kitchen and perhaps in adjoining rooms. This will compensate for the energy an AGA cooker uses and could save you even more.

Reduce the number of kitchen appliances you need
An AGA heat-storage cooker does more than cook food – it’s a domestic workhorse that can replace other kitchen appliances such as your tumble drier, iron, toaster, bread maker, microwave and kettle.

30-amp AGA stores cheap off-peak electricity
30-amp AGA cooker models use the cheaper overnight electricity tariff to store heat for use throughout the day. This electricity is absorbed into heat bricks deep within the AGA cooker, which is then released gradually, offering you real cost efficiency.

AGA ovens now operate on your time
Every programmable AGA cooker is ready to cook at any time. But, with AIMS – the AGA Intelligent Management System, it can also power down while you’re at work, sleep when you sleep and holiday when you holiday – making it cost effective and efficient.



The only way you can fully appreciate an AGA cooker is to see one for yourself. Visit us at Country Warmth and you’ll able to see one in action and with one of our demonstrations, you could even try some delicious AGA-cooked food.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will happily guide you through the options available to you from flues and fuel to enamel colours. And once you’ve fallen in love with your AGA cooker, arrange an appointment for a home survey and we’ll take it from there.