Conventional Cookers From AGA

The S-Series Six-Four takes all the flexibility and convenience of an AGA heat storage cooker and fuses it with the instant response of a conventional range cooker.

In fact, when it comes to cooking credentials you’ll have to look very hard indeed to find another conventional range cooker that comes even close. The S-Series Six-Four offers a choice of six gas burners or a six-ring ceramic hob and three ovens – a powerful, conventional electric oven, a simmering oven, a fan oven and a separate rapid-response ceramic grill.


  • Cast-iron doors
  • Choice of high speed ceramic, natural gas or LPG six-ring hob
  • Ceramic electric grill
  • Electric fan oven
  • Conventional oven
  • Electric simmering oven
  • Special oven linings
  • Digital timer
  • Griddle
  • Powerful cooker hood (optional extra)

Cast-iron doors ­- uniquely AGA, the Six-Four doors are made from cast-iron with a gleaming vitreous enamel finish.

Choice of high speed ceramic, natural gas or LPG six-ring hob – the ceramic hotplate includes two powerful dual elements which can be turned up for boiling or down for simmering and a ‘hob hot’ indicator for safety.

The gas hob gives instant power with a rapid response and includes a powerful wok burner ideal for stir-fries.

Ceramic electric grill – the rapid-response ceramic grill heats up in seconds and is designed specifically to eliminate cold spots for even cooking.

Electric fan oven – programmable and very quick, the fan oven also keeps an even temperature, making it perfect for cooking several dishes at once.

Conventional oven – its heat zones make it the ideal, versatile oven for all types of cooking and it’s large enough to hold a 7.25kg (16lb) turkey.

Electric simmering oven – this oven’s low heat cooks casseroles and stews to perfection; it’s also great for drying out meringues.

Special oven linings – to save on cleaning time, the ovens have a specially developed lining which helps them keep themselves clean during cooking.

Digital timer – to fit in with your schedule, the timer allows you to program the fan oven to start and stop automatically.

Griddle – comes as standard with all gas models, a double-sided plate made from cast aluminium for durability and to withstand high temperatures.

Powerful cooker hood (optional extra) – efficient, stylish and designed to complement your S-Series Six-Four, its high performance three-speed fan will absorb strong smells and steam.


Cast-iron lies at the heart of every AGA cooker. It’s why almost our entire principal casting work is undertaken at the Coalbrookdale foundry in Shropshire – the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. In 1709, Abraham Darby became the first person to smelt iron using coke instead of charcoal, a breakthrough that began the modern industrial age.

The Coalbrookdale foundry is also the location that AGA cookers have been built to the highest of standards for generations, creating a reputation for quality and excellence.

Every AGA cooker is hand-built. And while most manufacturers spray-paint their cookers in seconds, an AGA cooker is coated in enamel and then individually inspected and dried. Then it’s fused in the furnace at temperatures of up to 1517ºF for 45 minutes. This process is undertaken three times over three days. During that time, if any form of minor blemish is found on the item, it’s sent straight back for shot blasting. The process then begins again and the cooker will only be approved once it boasts a gleaming vitreous enamel finish.



The only way you can fully appreciate an AGA cooker is to see one for yourself. Visit us at Country Warmth and you’ll able to see one in action and with one of our demonstrations, you could even try some delicious AGA-cooked food.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will happily guide you through the options available to you from flues and fuel to enamel colours. And once you’ve fallen in love with your AGA cooker, arrange an appointment for a home survey and we’ll take it from there.

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